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Care Worker - Struck Off

14th February 2017 – Psychological/Neglect 
A senior care worker and “role model in the care home” has been struck off for “the physical and mental abuse of vulnerable” dementia patients. The defendant between July and September 2015 tied nightwear between victims’ legs to stop them using their incontinence pads.
The defendant also mimicked and made fun of victims, on one occasion repeating the phrase “help me” a number of times after a care patient had used it, but failing to offer any help to that patient. The defendant also regularly swore at various victims on one occasion saying to a patient “don’t f**king touch me, your hands are covered in s**t” and to another “you can f**king sit down there.” One witness also remarked that the defendant tended to sleep a lot in the lounge while on duty. The defendant was given a removal order by a fitness to practice committee after being found to have subjected elderly residents to ill treatment.