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Mary's Story

7th August 2018. – Psychological 

A middle-aged son who tormented his elderly mother after she let him temporarily move back into their family home has been jailed for inflicting “psychological abuse” Over a two-month period the defendant terrorised his mother with “sinister stares and evil grins” in an attempt to coerce her to hand over money to him.


When the victim claimed to not have any cash the defendant spat at her and said “you better fucking find it now”. The victim eventually gave the defendant £300, but he borrowed further money from friends and tried to force the victim to pay it off. Police were called after the victim returned from a day out to find she had been locked out of her own house, she knocked on her own door only to be met by the defendant who told her “what the fuck you doing coming home at this time” [sic], he then shut the door in her face.


The defendant pleaded guilty to engaging in a controlling or coercive behaviour in a family relationship and was jailed for 26 weeks.