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Molly's Story

12th September 2018 - Neglect

A carer who shouted abuse at an elderly woman with dementia and pushed soiled clothes towards her face has been given a suspended sentence.


The defendant, who had been the victim’s carer for four years and had visited the victim six times per day, was filmed on CCTV installed in the victim’s house. The defendant was recorded shouting “you make me feel sick, you’re a dirty, disgusting person” and “I know the ones that’s the evil one – and that’s you.


The one who likes to poo herself.” The defendant also swore at and called the victim a “disgrace” after the victim soiled herself.


The defendant admitted three counts of ill treatment or wilful neglect and received a 24-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months and was ordered to pay the victim £300 in compensation.