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Pensioner Rape

8th August 2017 – Sexual 

A previously convicted defendant raped a pensioner three weeks after his release on licence. The defendant who had been released in May 2017 halfway through an 8-year sentence given for raping a teenage girl in 2012, had the night before the attack on June 17th sexually assaulted a victim in her 20s.


The defendant knocked at the elderly victim’s door at 7am on June 18th and claimed he was a gas engineer. When the victim asked for I.D the defendant flashed a provisional driving licence, and following this he pushed he back into her house and raped her twice while taunting and shouting degrading comments over a period of 90 minutes. Post attack, the defendant used a kitchen knife to force the victim into her car and made her travel almost one hundred miles, warning her not to alert her friends or he would “stab them in front of her.”


The defendant had been previously convicted for sex with a 13-year-old girl when he was 15 and a conviction for burglary. The defendant plead guilty to two offences of sexual assault, two offences of rape, and one offence of kidnap. The defendant was given a life sentence with a minimum of ten and a half years served before being eligible for parole.


The defendant was also ordered to register as a sexual offender for the second time and given a sexual harm prevention notice restricting his movement and banning him from Kidderminster.